Agile User Story Map for Confluence

User story mapping for Jira

To add more value to our users who are using Agile User Story Map for Jira, DevSamurai has released a plugin for Confuence which shows User Story Map from Jira and display on Confluence page.


The app is free and can be Installed from Atlassian marketplace.



To use User Story Mapping macro for Confluence you need to have Agile User Story Mapping Board installed in Jira.

To show the board in Confluence, In Jira the integration with Confluence setting must be enabled.

Product owner tools

Create a macro

Insert the macro into the Confluence page

User story map for confluence

Choose Jira project and map display options

User story mapping

Save the page and voila this is how the board displays on Confluence page

User story mapping
How to plan your first product demo using user story map?
Agile User Story Map for Jira Cloud 1.3.12-AC release

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