Documentation of Agile User Story Maps, Roadmaps and Persona for Jira

Agile User Story Maps, Roadmaps & Persona for Jira

What is User Story Mapping

User Guide

Confluence - User Story Map Macro

Release Notes



Board Features

Drag & Drop

Drag & drop cards to map, drag and drop release or sprint slides plan project.

Fancy Search

Search and highlight cards by summary and filter by other options.

Edit Goal/Step Label

Edit default labels for Goals and Steps.

Card Color

Enable epic color and also fill card’s background color.

Issues Without Epics

Show and filter unplanned issues without epics in the right panel.


Zoom in and out board to adjust the view

Board Setting Features

Show Complete Cards

If enabled the board doesn’t show Jira issues whose status is DONE

Show Orphan Cards

If enabled planned stories without epics and epics without Goal will be displayed

Show Completed Release/Sprint

If completed enabled release/sprint will be shown on the board

Epic Color

Setting to display epic color or not

Show Personas

Setting to show or hide personas on the board

Switch Swimlane

Switch to Release, Sprint or No-swimlane mode

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