Portfolio Board for Jira

Provides users with the most flexible way to create and work with the Story Map
Portfolio Board for jira

Working across multiple projects with Portfolio Board by ProductGo

Choose suitable template

Portfolio Board by ProductGo offers 2 Story map templates to choose between 2 or 3 levels. These are designed to help teams get started quickly and easily based on their needs.


Change theme & issues color

Portfolio Board enables teams to personalize the color of their issues and modify the board’s theme. These features can enhance visibility and facilitate progress tracking across several projects or products.

Support multiple projects

Portfolio Board supports multiple projects, which means that teams can manage and track work across multiple projects or products from a single board


Drag and Drop Tickets

Portfolio Board provides a drag and drop interface, which makes it easy to move issues or tasks from other projects to the board, and also from one column or swimlane to another. This can help to streamline the planning and prioritization process, and make it easier to track progress

Better UI

Portfolio Board is designed with a modern and intuitive user interface, which can help to improve performance and make it easier to use. A better UI can also help to reduce the learning curve for new users and improve the overall adoption of the tool

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