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User Story Map for Jira

A Practical Guide for Efficient Product Management

This guide will explore User Story Mapping in-depth, discussing its techniques, use cases, and practical implementation in tools like Jira. By understanding the importance of efficient project management in Agile development and leveraging the benefits of User Story Mapping, teams can optimize their project processes and increase the likelihood of project success.

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User Story Map for Jira

Why we made ProductGo?

We found it challenging to prioritize user stories in Jira’s flat backlog. We didn’t know which features were most important or what our target users needed. So we turned to user story mapping, inspired by Jeff Patton’s book, to get a holistic view of our product.

We looked for existing tools and plugins in the Atlassian Marketplace, but none met our needs. As a result, we decided to develop our own integrated solution within Jira called ProductGo. It’s an agile user story mapping, roadmaps, and persona tool for Jira. The positive feedback we received during the beta phase motivated us to continue refining and completing the tool.