See the big picture of your product from the user’s perspectives

User Story Mapping Advanced Roadmaps User Persona for Jira

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Agile User Story Mapping for Jira


Better product management in Jira

Visualize the product backlog, map related features, and prioritize development tasks with User Story Map for Jira.

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Work for all scopes

User story map for Jira associates with projects and also Jira Agile board to support mapping in multiple projects.

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Telling Visual Story from User’s Perspective

Uncover hidden user insights
Visually mapping out requirements & backlog refinement
Viewing your projects through the lens of the user
01. Telling the Visual Story from the User’s Perspective
02. Transparency among Stakeholders Cultivating Shared Understanding

Transparency among Stakeholders

Bridge the gap between teams and stakeholders
Create an environment of shared understanding
Strengthen stakeholder engagement

Prioritization & Release Management Revolutionized

Reimagine backlog management with your projects
Efficiently prioritize tasks with interactive User Story Map
Seamlessly transition from planning to execution
03. Prioritization and Release Management Revolutionized
04. Visualizing Project Goals, Activities, and Assignments on the Project Timeline

Visualizing Goals, Activities & Assignments on Project Timeline

Map out project goals and milestones on a dynamic timeline
Track progress visually and ensure alignment with project objectives
Assign tasks and responsibilities with intuitive drag-and-drop features

Effortless Collaboration Across Multiple Projects

Seamlessly navigate between different projects
Maintain a holistic view of your project landscape
Leverage the power of Agile Boards
05. Effortless Collaboration Across Multiple Projects

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