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Why do I need User Story Mapping?+
User story map shows the big picture of our product from the user’s perspectives to help you manage your product backlog, prioritize stories and plan your releases/sprints
How can I install into my Jira Cloud instance?+
Simply go to Atlassian marketplace listing and install the plugin from there
How does Agile User Story Mapping differ from others?+
We implement a layer on top of Jira Epic to enable 3-level mapping and beside core mapping features the plugin supports many advanced features such as
– Introduce personas in Jira project and attach persona to Goal/Theme
– Support planning by release, sprint and also no-swimlane for reporting purpose.
– Quick filter using JQL
– Customize Goal color and Epic color.
Does Agile User Story Mapping integrate with other plugins?+
Agile User Story Mapping works well with most other plugins out of the box. This is because we designed it to be as close to the Jira native functions as possible. We are working on integrations with other plugins. Have a specific request?
How long does it take you to solve a support request?+
As per our Service Level Agreement Trivial is six (6) hours for a reaction from us and 72 hours for a solution.

While Major is four (4) hours for a reply and 24 hours for a solution.

Note: this is based on business working hours of Monday to Friday 9am-6pm GMT+9 (Tokyo Time) excluding Japan holidays.

Premium support is also available for an extra cost. With it you get a reply in two (2) hours and a solution in ten (10) hours for mission critical issues.

Story Mapping Concepts

What is Persona?+
Personas are the main characters in the stories you want to tell about your product. They need to do something to reach their Goals.
What is Goal?+
Goal is the high level business objective that users want to archive
What is Step?+
Steps are the lower level under Goal, which line up horizontally and make a backbone of the map. It tells a narrative flow of user’s journey. In Agile User Story Map step is mapped to Jira Epic issue type.
What is Story?+
Stories are the basic building block of the map. which describe in details what you can deliver and evaluate. In Agile User Story Map story can be mapped to Jira Story or other issue types.

Agile User Story Mapping Features

What kind of swimlane does Agile User Story Map support ?+
The plugin supports release, sprint and no-swimlane modes, the project admin can choose which mode to be enabled and user can switch between them
Can I create a user story map for multiple projects?+

From Cloud 1.3.6 and Server/Data Center 4.0.0 the user story map also associates with Jira Agile board, you can create an Agile board from multiple projects or filters and access the story board from there

How can I hide stories?+
You can create quick filter using JQL to filter issues
Can I highlight steps or stories?+
Yes. You can change the user setting to enable Step color. For story you can change background to highlight it

Evaluation and Pricing

Can I extend my evaluation?+
No for Jira Cloud
For Jira Server and Data Center you can extend 5 times
How can I pay, yearly or monthly?+
Server and Data Center can only be purchased yearly.
Cloud can be purchased monthly or yearly. For full details please go to our Pricing Page.
I don’t have many users need story map, Why do I pay per user?+
Not exactly pay per user.According to Atlassian policy,you pay the pricing tier you fall into. Example for the server version if you have 25 users you pay the pricing tier for 25 users (11-25 users). But add one more user, which makes your total 26, and you pay the pricing tier for 50 users (26-50 users).Please go to the Pricing Page.

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User Story Map for Jira

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